Jordi Bonet

Barcelona Artist

Jordi Bonet Mas, holds a degree in Fine Arts and a master’s in education. He has worked as a graphic designer, industrial and publishing, as a professor of art and design and is currently a professor of Visual and plastic arts in secondary education, in jobs directly related to their interests and vocation. However, as a restless character not have fallen ever rings to work on what your life “Bohemia at the end of the 20th century,” I asked, to scrape …, working on everything that has allowed him to live with his passions: understand the cultures and make art.

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How to define your work?

“Work -based and figurative sculpture is distorted , depending on many stimules around me to become conceptual . With the willingness to guard the viewer seek beauty as fundamental order of human perception and claim art as emotional food and guide individual and collective spirit . Intuition is always in front of the science and just learn to listen . My references ?. It inspires me in Papasseït -in voice in Serrat- , Da Vinci intrigues me , my light on and would like Duchamp Kiku Mistu”

Sculptor or painter?

“What is de boundary between sculpture and painting?, where is the boundary between you and us?. Who am I?… never mind…


Concerns , vocation references…

Born in Poble Nou de Barcelona and member of the Group Guanes with his two friends: Joan Olona Dr. Architect and Jorge Soler, excellent figurative painter , has participated in several artistic competitions with some success , despite the disappointments and the realism of the bathrooms have a more precise understanding of the complexity and perverting the society which she lives . He has participated in several exhibitions , but as always hated by the justifications curricula not be recorded , except the last , the Amsterdam International Art Fair, where you found the connection between work and audience. Unpretentious know that the time has come to take a place in the contemporary art space ..

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